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A lightweight application for Windows users that provides assistance

A lightweight application for Windows users that provides assistance

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Version: 3.2.84c

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Naomi is a parental control application that protects children while they are browsing the Internet.

All of us worry about our children's safety. Today there are any number of untold dangers lurking outside our doors, some of them originally residing in the technology we now give to our children. It's important to have applications like Naomi, which filter dangerous Internet material from the innocent eyes of children.

Parents can easily set up the type of content they don't want their children to have access to. When children try to access this content, parents will get a user notification, but children will get something immediately protecting them: The web browser will simply close. It won't tell them why or what's going on. They simply won't be able to access the content. This helpful tool keeps children from seeing any part of the websites they're not supposed to see.

File-sharing programs and chat sessions are also off limits. Many parents don't want very young children to access this type of material yet, and that's very understandable. This program does a very good job of quickly stopping the website before it even opens.


- Free protection against a large number of websites and programs that threaten children's safety online.

- Without a warning, immediately closes windows and programs that are harmful.

- Very easy to control the sites you don't want children to access.


- Sometimes these programs can have intrusive software required to be bundled with the program.

- Allows itself to access pretty much every part of your computer and can be intrusive in some instances.

All in all, if you're concerned about your children visiting websites without your permission, this is a great way to casually deal with the problem.